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2018 Signature Treatment – Acne Remedy Facial

Get clear results and beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Our 3-Step RA Clinical Approach to acne skin is to reduce bacteria and inflammation through the use of salicylic acid, ursolic acids, niacinimide and botanicals extracts, increase cellular turnover by incorporating powerful enzymes and exfoliators, and kick-start the wound-healing process to reduce the risk of acne scarring. This…
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Buy any 3 skincare products and receive 1 for free!

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Oxygenating C Facial

Refresh and renew the skin to achieve a more glowing complexion. A great choice for any time of year, this unique facial provides much needed oxygen to depleted, dry skin by increasing circulation and stimulating the skin. Reducing pigmentation, detoxifying tissue, and brightening skin tone, this energizing facial also helps to fight free radical damage…
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Acne Remedy Peel

Using our 3-step approach to acne skin, this peel addresses bacteria and inflammation, increases cellular exfoliation, and promotes wound healing. Aids in ridding skin of acne lesions and the risk of scarring. $165

Double Infusion Lightening Treatment

Detox the skin and achieve a more glowing complexion with this advanced treatment. Providing a powerful �筂ouble infusion�𩶛f H202 to stimulate and increase blood flow, this corrective facial provides oxygen to the skin, reduces pigmentation, and brightens skin tone. $90